Essential Oils


It's simple! When you start with doTERRA you join at wholesale and then get 25% off products. There are two options available to you to get you started. Purchase a starter kit or place a custom order. There are many different starter kits available to choose from and when you select this option you are waiving the membership fee of $35 US/$42 CND. You may however, already have a cart of specific products you want and will then just purchase with the membership fee.

Step 1

Choose a starter kit (I recommend this option because the fee is waived and you receive an additional discount). Choosing a starter kit also takes away the overwhelm when you first start out (I get it I've been there). Starter kits give you the basic oils beneficial to every home and lifestyle. We can then work together to help integrate the oils to best suit your needs. For those just starting out I always recommend the home essentials kit. Please feel free to contact me if you need help choosing the option best for you. 

OR choose the specific products you would like to join without purchasing a starter kit. You then add the membership fee. 

Step 2

Click here to enroll and select option 1 as a wholesale customer (option 2 is wellness advocate for those wanting to do the business.)

Add your selected starter kit at checkout OR the intro wholesale package and the products you would like. 

Step 4

Wait for a welcome email from me that you will receive within 24 hours of joining with all of the information you will need to get started. We will also schedule a consult to help you continue once you receive your package. 

So excited and thrilled to be here leading you on this journey! 

Chat soon, 

Ashley xo