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Ashley Fazackerley

Hey! Welcome back to the shop it's been a while. 

I have missed the small shop life and it feels so good to be back! As many of you know Stellyhandmade took a long short break. I say long short because it was supposed to be short but unintentionally ended up to be many extra months!

I wish I had an exact explanation as to why but the truth is there were many different small reasons. I won't bore you with all the details but it was a good reflection period that I believe gave me a clear direction with the shop. I feel really good moving forward!

I hope you enjoy our website makeover and the new list of items that have been added to the shop. I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this first drop of the year! Our new I AM line has been a huge success so far and I am extremely excited with what lies ahead for this special part of our line. Send me an email if you are purchasing one and want to take part in a little project we are currently working on. 

I'm going to make a good effort to be more present this year on social media and I am kicking that off with a blog! Ive always had writing a blog on my mind but the fear of no one reading it always scared me off (insert insecure emojii here)!  However, I have decided that it's worth a try and here is to hoping I have something to say worth reading to someone!

Bye for now friends. 

Ash xo


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  • Hi Ash,

    I just so happened to stumble upon your Instagram page today and am so excited to check out your shop! :) Looking forward to adding a new local business into my life!

    Take care!


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